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Board of Directors

Our Club has seven Directors.  Two of the directors are elected each year by the membership at our Annual Fall Meeting.  They serve for three years and are responsible for conducting all business for the Chapter.  They are also responsible for the development and maintenance of the Chapter.  

Officers (President, Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer) are elected by the Board of Directors at their first 'Directors' meeting of the year and serve for 1 year.

The duties of the officers are:


President:  Presides over all Club Meetings.  Works with the Directors to establish Club projects.  Establishes Committees necessary to ensure Club functions properly. 

Vice-President:  Functions as the President in his/her absence and oversees all committees.


Secretary/Treasurer  Keeps minutes of all Club meetings. Receives all monies for the Club.  Maintains accurate records of receipts and disbursements of these monies.  Responsible for maintaining membership records to include payments to National.  Pays all expenses the Club may incur through normal business activities.  Files all necessary documentation with IRS and State to maintain our Non Profit status.

 Past Presidents 

 Glen Gambill 
Dale Fry 
Warren Rhodes 
 Don McGuffin 
Officers and Directors
Don McGuffin
  Vice President
Charles Parmley
Tina McGuffin
          Jon Bellman         

             Gary Hudgens           

Russell Rice

             James Smith
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