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Our organizational meeting was held at the 8th Annual North Texas Antique Tractor & Engine Club Show, Samuell Farm, Mesquite, Texas on June 6, 1998.  There were 24 interested people present.  Dale Fry gave the background of the National IH Club and discussed the national by-laws.  Glen Gambill made the motion that a club be created and the motion was seconded by Bob Bauer.  The club was officially created that day.

The name "Lone Star Chapter" was voted on and approved. Officers were nominated and the slate of: Dale Fry; President, Glen Gambill; Vice President, K.R. Withrow; Sect./Treasurer and directors: Gary Hudgens, Russell Rice, and Jim Becker.  The officers and directors were elected unanimously. An application was submitted to the National Board.  The next meeting was held August 29, 1998 at the 10th Annual Cooke County Antique Tractor & Farm Machinery show in Lindsay, Texas.  The by-laws were presented and accepted.  Ben Miller presented the chapter logo and was approved by all.    



In January 1999 we received the official notice that the
"Lone Star Chapter #25" of the International collectors             was approved and chartered on December 12, 1998.  The
first official club meeting was held at the Collin County
Museum, McKinney, Texas on March 27, 1999.  That meeting
had 31 attendees and we were officially off and running.
There were 42 paid members in our club at that time.

At that time, the typical yearly programs were voted to be; a spring meeting of the general membership; participation in five tractor shows; and a fall meeting of the general membership at which we elect directors. The shows selected in 1999 were those held at: Paris, Mesquite (this show has moved to Terrell), Traders Village (this show has been discontinued), Lindsay and Temple.  Club promotional items mainly supported the club as the dues were only $5 per year.

The national club boasts over 7000 members – 40 chapters in the US and two foreign countries growing from its formation in Winamac, Indiana in 1990.  The national club publishes a magazine each quarter called “Harvester Highlights”. The club’s purpose is multi-fold; promoting collecting, restoring, and showing IH equipment, preserving and researching the history of International Harvester Company and its products. 

Red Power Roundup is held each year, bringing together the total membership for showing tractors, fellowship, fun, and a general meeting including electing officers.  Each year there is a winter convention with mainly inside events, speakers, banquet, and general meeting of attendees.  These events are held in different locations each year with the location being voted on by the membership at the Red Power Roundup some two years in advance.  National dues are $15.00 per year and the chapter dues are $10.00 per year. 

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